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Join the EDSRA


Refereeing is a difficult job that requires intellect, fitness, skill and most of all, courage. Even the greatest official can travel down a hard road at times. Joining the EDSRA you will have the ability to further yourself as a referee by opening yourself up to a world of information, support from fellow officials, friendship, and the ability to reach all levels of amateur and even professional soccer.

We offer practical discussions where we go over the rules, the psychology of the game, the “what if” scenarios, review videos, and even on the field sessions. Group functions and social gatherings bring all members of the EDSRA together and provide relationships that go far beyond the soccer field such as, curling, hockey games, going to local establishments, and BBQ’s. We have our Facebook page where you can post questions to referee’s if you were curious on a situation that happened on a past game, or go to our forum on the website and speak directly with experienced officials. As well each year members receive a membership bonus such as cards, whistles, clothes, and water bottles.

Whether your thirsting for knowledge about a game scenario, or looking to rise up in the officiating world because of the passion you have for the sport, joining now will provide you with this and more.

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